Looking Up Other Schools You Have Attended

Applicants must list their high school information as well as any previous colleges they have attended on the Previous Education page. You can begin by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the High School Attended field.

Previous Education

Clicking on the magnifying glass will bring up the Look Up window to search for your high school.

High School Look Up

You may select to search for your high school by CEEB Code, City, or State. External Org ID is a number assigned to a school by the Nevada System of Higher Education and is for NSHE office use.

Look Up City

Searching by City will bring up all the high schools in that city. Please make sure that you are searching by the correct city - check your school's address. For example, schools located in "North Las Vegas" will not appear when you search "Las Vegas"

Look Up City Las Vegas

CEEB codes are national codes issued by the College Board. You can search for your school's CEEB Code at the following website:

College Board CEEB Codes

CollegeBoard CEEB Code Search

Input the information for your school in the Search Criteria box and click SEARCH. 

CEEB Code Search Criteria

You will see an alphabetical listing of the schools that match your search criteria as well as their corresponding CEEB Codes.

High School Codes

Input the corresponding CEEB Code in the Look Up window to find your school.

Look Up by CEEB Code

Enter your Graduation Year and Nevada HS Student ID, if you graduated from or are graduating from a Nevada high school.

High School Information Filled Out

Applicants must list all colleges where they have registered and/or attended, including the University of Nevada, Reno, if they have taken classes here before. Begin by clicking on the magnifying glass in the college listing table.

Previous College Education

This process is similar to the above listed process of looking up high schools. You may search by Name, City, State, Country, CEEB Code (see above for details about CEEB Codes), or State.

Look Up College by City

Click on [+] on the end of each row to add additional colleges you have attended.

Adding College Rows