Student Studio Recording Projects

Close-up of Recording Studio

Through classroom and private instruction, students in UNR's Jazz and Improvisational Music Program are encouraged to compose, arrange and produce their own music. The process advances from theory to composition and arrangement, to the design and formation of performance options, whether solo or ensemble. The practical, logistical procedures for booking actual live performances are also explained and explored on campus, in downtown Reno, on stages at Lake Tahoe and beyond.

In addition to the promotion of live performance, the Jazz faculty also emphasizes the professional studio experience. Advice on how to approach the prospects of professional recording begins with an emphasis on devising a well researched plan of approach. From choosing music, to creating and deploying a strict rehearsal schedule, to finding the appropriate studio, students explore the recording industry first hand.

Yearly Student CD Recording Project

Each year students are offered the opportunity to participate in the Jazz and Improvisational Music Program's yearly Student CD Recording Project. The project allows students to experience the procedural demands of an actual recording studio session. The benefits are many: not only do students learn to develop a strategy for recording and archiving their own work, but they experience the dynamics of communicating directly with studio and recording engineers, keyboard technicians, and others essential to the recording process. The experience is engaging and powerful, with a professionally produced recording as the artistic result.

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