Programs of Study in Music

A closeup of a student's hand on the keys of a tuba.

Study Music at University of Nevada, Reno

With small class sizes and an engaged, accessible faculty, students find a productive environment for developing their musical talents. Programs of study represent a wide spectrum of goals and interests, from music appreciation to professional music careers in music education, instrument or voice performance.

For undergraduates interested in a music major or minor, the Department offers the Bachelor of Art degree with a Music Major, the Bachelor of Music with various concentrations, including majors in Applied Instrument, Applied Jazz, and Applied Voice. A Minor in Music with either a Music Interest or Music Industry track is also available. For students planning on becoming teachers, the Department offers Master of Music, Music Education degrees with concentrations in General Music Education, Instrumental Music Education, and Voice and Vocal Studies. The Department also offers Master of Music degrees with concentrations in Instrumental Performance, Vocal Performance, Orchestral Career Studies, Jazz & Improvisational Music, Composition, General Music Education, Choral Music Education, and Instrumental Music Education. For more information, follow these links: