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Nightingale Concert Hall is a 615-seat performance auditorium located in the J. E. Church Fine Arts Building on the University of Nevada Campus in Reno. The hall's beautiful, wood lined interior, comfortable seating and superior acoustics make it a favorite venue for campus and community musical events, such as the annual Performing Arts Series, the Reno Chamber Orchestra, various Department of Music faculty, student and guest events, as well as other official University functions.

Due to its popularity and its ambiance, the Hall's availability for other uses is limited. And because the Hall is a cherished resource, as its administrator, the Department of Music is serious about maintaining the integrity of the Hall, and therefore govern its use in accordance with the hall's intended design. Events to be booked and performed must be consistent with the atmosphere of the Hall as a formal auditorium. Those requesting use of the Hall are expected to adhere to the Rules and Regulations written to protect and uphold the Hall's character. Reservations must be approved by the Department of Music, and if it is determined that an activity is not appropriate for the Hall, permission to use it will be denied.

Procedures and Priorities

Let it be known that events deemed beneficial to our students take precedence. That is to say, academic programs, student recitals, faculty recitals and department festivals have priority for use of the Hall. Reservations by and for the Department, faculty, and student are made using the Internal Department of Music NCH Reservation Request and submitted to the Music office.

Who can reserve Nightingale Concert Hall?

  • UNR Campus Users -- Members of the greater University of Nevada, Reno campus community may submit Nightingale Concert Hall Reservation Requests. Such requests must be submitted directly to the Department of Music Office. If approved, billing will be processed directly through the Department of Music Office via an Internal Purchase Order form (IPO). An open, signed IPO must be submitted and approved prior to the intended event. Campus users are subject to the currently hourly Technical Director rate, student stage technician rates, and piano tuning fees if applicable.
  • Non University Users -- Non University groups may request a reservation to use Nightingale Concert Hall. Off Campus NCH Reservation Request forms must be submitted to the Music Office for consideration. All approved requests for use of the hall by non university groups will be processed through the Office of Scheduling Services. Groups will be subject to all applicable fees associated with use of University facilities. Scheduling Services will provide an estimate of the fees based on the user's status, i.e.: State and local Government , non-profit, commercial, etc. A deposit, based on the estimate, is required prior to the event. Final billing adjustments are made after the event takes place.

Departmental Support and Co-sponsorships

The Department of Music may opt to co-sponsor events deemed to have a significant educational, outreach, or recruitment profile or other elements which benefit and promote the goals of the Music Program. Contact the Department of Music for more information and consideration.

Contact Information for NCH

Technical Director: Rich Norris

Keyboard Technician: Robert Callaghan

Director of Recording Services: Tom Gordon

Administrative Office Assistant: Cynthia Prescott

Mailing Address

University of Nevada, Reno
Nightingale Concert Hall/226
Reno Nevada, 89557-0226

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