Master of Music: Instrumental Performance

How to Apply

Degree Requirements

Since degree requirements and course offerings can change from year to year, consult the General Course Catalog for your appropriate school year's requirements and suggestions. If the Catalog is out of date or if you would like more advice, please contact any of the Instrumental Performance faculty for guidance.

Faculty: Instrumental Performance

James Albrecht
Assistant Professor, Trombone and Euphonium
(775) 784-6145

Jonathan Bhatia
Lecturer of Music, Trumpet
(775) 682-9879

Russ Dickman
(775) 784-6145

Natalie Brooke Higgins
Assistant Professor, Horn
(775) 682-9877

Joshua D. Reed
Jazz Trumpet
(775) 682-9039

Joey Berger
(775) 784-6145

Ed Corey
Lecturer, Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Composition and Theory; Director, University Guitar Ensemble
(775) 682-9088

Adam Benjamin
Assistant Professor, Jazz Piano; Director, Jazz and Improvisational Music
(775) 682-9039

Hans Halt
Lecturer: String Bass, Jazz Piano; Jazz Composition
(775) 682-9032

Adela Hyeyeon Park
Assistant Professor, Piano; Artistic Director, Apex Concerts
(775) 682-9030

Isadora Pastragus-Wilson
Piano Accompanist, Vocal/Instrumental Coach
(775) 784-6862

James Winn
Professor, Composition Studies, Keyboard Studies, Piano, Harpsichord; Director, Keyboard Studies; Coordinator, Composition Studies
(775) 784-4051

Andrew Heglund
Associate Professor, Music Theory, Percussion; Director, University Percussion Ensemble; Director, Day of Percussion
(775) 682-9025

Dmitri Atapine
Associate Professor, Cello; Artistic Director, Apex Concerts
(775) 682-9034

Hans Halt
Lecturer: String Bass, Jazz Piano, Jazz Composition
(775) 682-9032

Marina Roznitovsky Oster
Harp; Director, Harp Plus
(775) 682-8971

Stephanie Sant' Ambrogio
Associate Professor of Violin & Viola; Director, Orchestral Career Studies Graduate Program;Director, L-Cubed Music Series
(775) 682-9024

Aaron Hill
Assistant Professor, Oboe
(775) 784-6145

Eric Fassbender
(775) 682-9020

Karl Busch
(775) 784-6145

Mary Miller
Flute; Scholarship and Recruiting Coordinator
(775) 682-9026

Joshua Anderson
Assistant Professor, Clarinet
(775) 678-46145