Master of Music in Jazz Performance

How to Apply

Degree Requirements

In addition to fulfilling any and all Graduate School requirements, applicants to the M.M. Instrumental Program in Jazz & Improvisational Music must pass an audition for the program's faculty, either via tape or in person. Audition material is up to the discretion of the applicant, but should demonstrate both technical proficiency on the instrument and a high degree of improvisational ability and creativity. Original compositions are encouraged.  Completion of this degree generally requires two years of study, which includes course work in music history and theory, private lessons, participation in ensembles, and two one-hour recitals.  Recital programs should be planned in consultation with the student's advisor.

Since degree requirements and course offerings can change from year to year, consult the General Course Catalog for your appropriate school year's requirements and suggestions. If the Catalog is out of date or if you would like more advice, please contact any of the Jazz faculty for guidance.

Faculty: Jazz & Improvisational Music