Graduate Degrees

Student playing the piano.

The Department of Music offers several graduate degrees in music. Find the one that fits your passion.

General Information About the Master of Music Degree

  • Program Length: The usual length of the degree program is two years (four semesters).
  • Maximum Length: The maximum number of years allowed to complete the Master of Music degree is six years (twelve semesters).
  • Graduate Special:  This classification is for students who wish to take graduate courses but do not plan to pursue an advanced degree program, or for students who do not yet meet requirements for graduate standing.  Up to nine credits of graduate special standing may be applied toward a formal degree program.
  • Transfer Credits: No more than nine credits, transferred or taken at UNR as a graduate special, may be counted toward your degree once you are formally admitted to a masters degree program.
  • Maintaining graduate standing: Until graduation, all graduate students enrolled in degree programs must register for at least three credits each semester; otherwise, an "Application for Leave of Absence" form must be filed with the Graduate School.
  • Ensemble requirement:  All students must complete at least two credits of coached or conducted ensemble.
  • Applied music (individual lessons):  All Performance students must complete four credits of 700- level applied lessons; Music Education students, two credits.  Composition majors substitute four credits of MUS 609 for 700-level applied lessons.

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At the University of Nevada, Reno, the Department of Music is part of the School of the Arts, which is home of five important programs: Art, Music, Dance, Theater and the Black Rock Press. The School of the Arts is housed under the College of Liberal Arts, a broad organization of some thirteen diverse departments specializing in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts. In fact, the College of Liberal Arts is the traditional home of such fundamental academic programs as Philosophy, English, Art. History, and Music..

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