Faculty Ensembles

The School of the Arts and the Department of Music host several faculty ensembles. Performances take place many times throughout the year, including summer concerts, most often at Nightingale Concert Hall, located in the Church Fine Arts Building. The concerts are beloved by the Reno arts community, bringing a sense of pride to the department and to the University.

Argenta Trio

The Argenta Trio is a renowned faculty ensemble featuring Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio (violin), Dmitri Atapine (cello) and James Winn (Piano).

Ed Corey Trio

The Ed Corey Trio lineup consists of Ed Corey on guitar, Hans Halt on String Bass and Andrew Heglund on percussion.

The Collective

The Collective, one of the most creative and distinctive jazz ensembles in the northwestern United States, features pianist Adam Benjamin, bassist Hans Halt, drummer Andrew Heglund, and saxophonist Peter Epstein.