Developmental and Cell Biology Research

Microscopic Image of Testis

Faculty research interests include:

  • Mechanochemical behaviors of cellular systems
  • Biosynthesis and function of glycoproteins
  • Receptor-signal transduction in contractile cells
  • Regulation of smooth muscle contraction
  • Signal transduction in plant development
  • Plant cell wall biosynthesis and deposition
  • Regulation of excitability in sensory neurons
  • Control of axon navigation by extracellular cues
  • Molecular mechanisms of neuronal polarization
  • Biochemical and genetic analyses of prion proteins and prion diseases
  • Insulin signaling pathways and glucose transport
  • Regulation of metabolic pathways by nuclear hormone receptors
  • Small non-coding RNAs in germ cells
  • MicroRNAs in growth, development and pathology of the GI tract