Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Mining

The Mine Systems Optimization and Simulation Laboratory (MSOS Lab) is focused on mine system modeling, simulation, animation, and optimization by running an intelligent communication system through an interactive secure content management website. Our mission is to invoke optimization for the benefit of the mining industry.

The MSOS Lab is created to work with both small mining companies and large corporations to provide optimization and benefits in mine operations. Collaborating with the MSOS Lab at UNR enables mining companies to benefit while building on the research development in this field of study.

Considering the capital and operating costs of mining equipment, mine simulation studies on proposed plans before they are implemented will lead to better use of capital and operational budgets in mines. In fact, mine system simulation models enable mining engineers to evaluate a large number of cases verses single case evaluation, and result in a better mine plan.

The simulation and animation techniques that we deploy at the MSOS Lab efficiently produce competitive mine design, planning, management, and economic benefits for mine operations. These simulation studies offer financial advantages for mining companies, both for the optimization of existing mine operations and the development phases of new operations in a mine.

Mine Safety and Training is a part of the MSOS Lab’s simulation projects. Our Mine System Rescue Simulation Models (MSRS Models) assist mine rescue trainers and rescue services to review and investigate a wide range of “what-if?” scenarios, and to establish the fastest and safest access to the hazard areas for rescue efforts. Our research team at the MSOS Lab comprises outstanding researchers in the area of mine system simulation.

This laboratory is available for graduate research projects as well as contract research to industrial clients.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Danny Taylor
Office: (775) 784-6922

Dr. Ebrahim Tarshizi
Office: (775) 784-6047