Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering is a broad field that deals with all sorts of metal-related areas. The three main branches of this major are physical metallurgy, extractive metallurgy, and mineral processing.

Mineral Processing

The engineer takes advantage of differences in physical and/or chemical properties to develop, manage, and control processes for liberating, separating, and concentrating valuable minerals in ores.

Extractive Metallurgy

The engineer produces and purifies metals from concentrates and ores and metal recycling using hydrometallurgy (aqueous processing), electrometallurgy (electrochemical processing), and pyrometallurgy (high-temperature processing).

Physical Metallurgy

The engineer processes metals into products by various means, such as casting, forging, extrusion, and powder techniques. He/she controls engineering properties of metals, such as strength, hardness, and fatigue, by alloying, annealing and heat treatment.

Program Contact Info

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Graduate Director:
Manoj Mohanty
(775) 784-6963

Mining & Metallurgical Engineering Chair:
Javad Sattarvand
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