Courses Offered

Old Roman architectureAcceptable courses for fulfilling the minor requirements are listed in two groups: Group A (courses with a predominantly Medieval and/or Renaissance content) and Group B (courses of an auxiliary nature). At least 12 credits must be chosen from Group A.

In addition, several of the departments have courses relating to individual authors, artists, themes, etc., as well as independent studies courses. Such courses, where appropriate, may be used to fulfill the requirements of the minor.

Students who minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies may include a maximum of six credits from courses in their major department. Such credits must be in addition to those used to fulfill the requirements of the major. Courses should be chosen with the approval of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies adviser.

Please review the catalog for the current course offerings and semester schedule.

Group A

  • ART 444: Fashion History and Style to 1660
  • ART 462R: History of Medieval Art
  • ART 464R: High Renaissance and Mannerist Art
  • ART 465: History of Northern Renaissance Art
  • ART 493: Individual Studies in Art History
  • DAN 265: History of Dance I
  • ENG 271: Introduction to Shakespeare
  • ENG 414A: History of the English Language
  • ENG 415A: Old English
  • ENG 415D: Introduction to Old Norse
  • ENG 432A: Chaucer
  • ENG 433A: Shakespeare: Tragedies and Histories
  • ENG 433B: Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances
  • ENG 435A: Milton
  • ENG 431A: Beowulf
  • ENG 440A: Medieval English Literature
  • ENG 441A: The Renaissance
  • ENG 442A: The Seventeenth Century
  • ENG 482A: Literature of the Middle Ages
  • ENG 464B: Drama Before Shakespeare
  • ENG 465A: Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama
  • HIST 373: Medieval Civilization
  • HIST 374: History of the Byzantine Empire
  • HIST 384: The Italian Renaissance
  • HIST 385R: Witches, Wars, and Wisdom in the Early Modern Era
  • HIST 393: England and the British Empire I
  • HIST 454: Topics in Medieval History
  • HIST 454A: Topics in the Italian Renaissance
  • HIST 456: Topics in Ancient History
  • HIST 480B: Renaissance Science and the Secrets of Nature
  • HIST 482R: The Age of Discovery
  • HIST 484A: History of the Book: 1450-1800
  • MUS 341: Music History I
  • PHIL 212: Introduction to Medieval Philosophy
  • SPAN 462: Medieval and Early Renaissance Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 464: The Spanish Golden Age

Group B

  • ART 260R: Survey of Art History I
  • ART 261: Survey of Art History II
  • ENG 449A: British Literature I
  • ENG 484A: The Bible as Literature
  • HIST 105: European Civilization
  • HIST 281R: Magic, Marvels & Nature: Premodern World
  • HIST 296: Nomads to Nations in Inner Asia
  • HIST 371: Ancient Civilization I
  • HIST 372: Ancient Civilization II
  • HIST 395R: Russian History to 1900
  • HIST 490A: History of Early Medicine
  • ITAL 221: Italy and Its Culture
  • ITAL 223: Italian Literature in English Translation
  • PHIL 211: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
  • PHIL 410: Plato
  • PHIL 411: Aristotle
  • SPAN 221: Iberia and Its Cultures
  • SPAN 464: Spanish Golden Age Prose
  • SPAN 466: Spanish Golden Age Poetry
  • SPAN 469: Spanish Golden Age Drama
  • THTR 481: History of the Theatre I