The following table summarizes the U.S. and international patents that our faculty members have been granted.

Patent NumberInventors and Title
US 8,241,517 B2 (2012) Fuchs, A., Gordaninejad, F., Gecol, H., Hu, B., Kavlicoglu, B., Sutrisno, J., “Nanostructured Magnetorheological Polymer Fluids and Gels”
US 7,883,636 (2011) Fuchs, A., Gordaninejad, F., Gecol, H., Hu, B., Kavlicoglu, B., Sutrisno, J., “Nanostructured Magnetorheological Fluids and Gels”
US 7,698,930 B2 (2010) Gordaninejad, F. and Whiteley, J. L., “Method and Apparatus for Measuring Pressure Drop of Magneto-Rheological Suspensions in Microchannels, Micro Magneto-Rheological Fluid Valves,”
US 7,364,022 (2008) Gordaninejad, F., Wang, X., Hitchcock, G., Bangrakulur, K.K., and Kavlicoglu, B., "Controllable Magneto-Rheological Fluid Devices for Motion-Damping"
US 7,422,092 (2008) Hitchcock, G. and Gordaninejad, F., "Controllable Compressible Magnetorheological Fluid Damper"
US 7,297,290 (2007) Kavlicoglu, B., Hu, B., Gecol, H., Gordaninejad, F., Fuchs, A., "Nanostructured Magnetorheological Fluids and Gels"
US 7,276,090 (2007) Shahinpoor, M. and Kim, K.J., "Method of Fabricating a Dry Electroactive Polymer Synthetic Muscle"
US 7,261,834 (2007) Fuchs, A., Gordaninejad, F., Hitchcock, G., and Elkins, J., Zhang, Q., "Tunable Magneto-Rheological Elastomers and Processes for Their Manufacture"
US 7,172,831 (2007) Jaura, A.K. and Park, C.-W., "Battery System for Automotive Vehicle"
US 7,086,507 (2006) Hitchcock, G., Gordaninejad, F., Fuchs, A., "Controllable Magneto-Rheological Elastomer Vibration Isolator"
US 6,971,491 (2005) Gordaninejad, F., Fuchs, A., Wang, X., Hitchcock, G.H., and Xin, M., "Magneto-Rheological Fluid Encased in Flexible Materials for Vibration Control"
US 6,823,895 (2004) Hitchcok, G. and Gordaninejad, F., "Magnetorheological Fluid Device"
US 6,527,972 B1 (2003) also Canadian 2,400,563 (2008) Fuchs, A., Gordaninejad, F., Blattman, D., and Hamann, G., "Magneto-Rheological Polymeric Gels"
US 6,510,929 B1 (2003) Gordaninejad, F., and Ericksen, E.O., "Controllable Magneto-Rheological Fluid Damper"
US 6,471,018 B1 (2002) Gordaninejad, F., and Kelso, S.P., "Magneto-Rheological Fluid Device"
US 6,405,532 (2002) Shahinpoor, M., and Kim, K.J., "Novel Metal Hydride Artificial Muscles"
US 6,019,201 (2000) Gordaninejad, F. and Breese, D.G., "Magneto-Rheological Fluid Dampers"