Yunus Çengel

Professor Emeritus

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Professor Emeritus Yunus Çengel, well-known for his widely used textbooks, has been appointed as the Vice President of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) - the counterpart of NSF. In his new position, Dr. Çengel will be in charge of enhancing international collaborations on scientific research and development. One of his goals is to increase the number of projects done jointly by the researchers from USA and Turkey. TUBITAK hosted a US Delegation from NIH at its headquarters in Ankara on April 3, 2012, and discussions were held on collaboration on cancer research and other health related issues. During the week of April 8-14, a TUBITAK team led by Dr. Çengel will be visiting NSF, NIH, and DOE and other agencies to pave the way for better collaboration between the researchers of Turkey and USA. During the visit Dr. Çengel will also introduce a wide range of support opportunities and programs funded by TUBITAK and the European Union to encourage US researchers to spend Sabbatical Leaves in Turkey or to join Summer Research Programs.

Scientific research is an expensive and time consuming endeavor, and with the scale of research ever increasing, international partnerships are becoming essential. "Team Work' in the globalized world now includes partnerships among nations, and countries that form fruitful research partnerships will have the competitive edge.