McNair Scholars Program Timeline

The timeline listed below reflects the typical structure of the program for students who enter into McNair Scholars during the fall of their junior year. Those students who may enter the program in the fall of their sophomore year can expect to have an additional summer research experience either continuing their research at UNR or traveling to another university for an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates).

students presenting research

Junior Year Fall:   

Applications due / interviews conducted

Acceptance into McNair Scholars

Orientation / sign intake contracts

Individual monthly contact meetings

Secure a research mentor  

Junior Year Spring:

Secure a research mentor if not completed

Research methods class (1 credit, paid for by McNair)

Individual monthly contact meetings

Monthly group meetings

Complete preliminary research for summer project  

Senior Year Summer:  

Ten week summer research program

3,500 stipend provided (paid out bi-weekly)

GRE preparation course

Workshops, panels, & presentations on graduate school preparation

Students continue their research

Travel to national McNair symposium

Students present their research findings

Register for and take the GRE

Senior Year Fall:

Weekly senior meetings

Graduate school applications submitted

Possible graduate school visits

Individual monthly contact meetings

Senior Year Spring:

Bi-weekly senior meetings

Possible graduate school interviews

Decide which graduate school to attend

Individual monthly contact meetings