Thinh Vu

Scholar: Thinh Vu

Thinh Vu

Major: Honors Program/Political Science/Environmental Policy Analysis

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Robert Ostergard

Research Topic: "Engagement or Containment: U.S. Grand Strategy toward China"

Abstract: In recent years, China's intentions, ambitions, and behaviors have been viewed as suspect. The discussion of the rise of China consists of two important questions: Is China a threat or is China a partner (Snow 3)? There are two major foreign policies that the U.S. established in dealing with China: containment or engagement. Scholars differ on which strategy seems to work best in dealing with China in terms of trade, economy, and even militarily. In this paper, I will attempt to evaluate which policy seems to work best in the changing political environment in this new century. Major changes in regime, government policy, and time are factors that one must consider in order to evaluate a policy that will best fit in today's world of globalization and competitiveness. The theme of this paper is that changing times require new strategies.

Graduated With Baccalaureate Degree: Summer 2010

Masters or Doctoral Program Update: Accepted into the Counseling Psychology Master's Program at Charminade University.