Steven La Fleur

Scholar: Steven La Fleur

Steven Lafleur

Major: Mathematics

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brendon Nagle

Research Topic: "Introduction to the Probabilistic Method in Discrete Mathematics"

Abstract:  Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Number Theory are littered with examples of problems that cannot be solved using ordinary analysis techniques. In these situations, probabilistic methods can be used to prove these elusive theorems. This study will investigate random arguments of several mathematical theorems including Ramsey Theory and prime number counting. To study these arguments, discrete expectation and variance will be examined. Expectation determines what should happen in a given random environment. We use variance with certain inequalities such as the accordance with the expectation in general. The Cherinov Inequality will also be discussed; however, its use is limited due to the binomial distribution constraint.

Graduated With Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2006

Masters or Doctoral Program Update: Graduated with a Master's Degree in Mathematics at the University of Nevada, Reno in the spring of 2008. Accepted into a Doctoral Program in Mathematics at Emory University in the fall of 2008.