Stephanie Montgomery

Scholar: Stephanie Montgomery

Stephanie Montgomery

Major: History

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hugh Shapiro

Research Topic: "The Shift in Social and Gender Roles for Women in China from the End of the Qing Dynasty to the Cultural Revolution"

Abstract: The collapse of the Qing dynasty in 1911 marked the beginning of tremendous change for China. The subsequent rise of the Nationalist and Communist parties has been thoroughly researched, especially concerning the programs and policies implemented to gain the support of the Chinese people, both in the urban epicenters and vast rural areas. Research done on the implementation of such a grassroots movement, however, often overlooks the importance of one specific, major group in the success of these movements: women.   Chinese society had very defined concepts of women's roles in respect to things such as education, marriage and work before 1911, but the political parties that emerged afterwards and the years of revolutions that followed challenged many of those ideals. This study will utilize biographies and interviews of women who lived during the rise of the Nationalist and Communist parties, as well as scholarly work done on the concepts of feminism in China before and after the 1911 revolution.  These firsthand accounts will lend insight into the questions of 1) how the Chinese Communist Party gained women's support, 2) how women's emancipation was viewed by both the general populace and women themselves and 3) how this emancipation actually changed Chinese women's lives.  This research will delve into these questions deeper and also help contribute to similar future research that explores feminism and women's issues in China historically and contemporarily.

New Scholar: Fall 2008

Graduated With Baccalaureate Degree: August 2011

Masters or Doctoral Program Update: Graduated from the International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University in June 2011.