Stacey Hernandez

Scholar: Stacey Hernandez

Stacey Hernandez

Major: Social Work

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Hylton

Research Topic: Whose Children Are They? A Cross-national Examination of the Relationship Between Social Policies and Social Indicators

Abstract: This research will consist of a cross-national examination of the relationship between public childcare expenditures and social indicators such as infant mortality, child poverty, and child fatalities. The countries included in this research are members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Thirty-three countries have been included in this analysis. All countries that belong to the OECD are classified as first world, industrialized nations. However, while these countries share a common goal, their public policies can vary dramatically. Comparing and contrasting the policies that are involved in funding early childcare will illuminate the value countries place on communal care of their young children. It is hypothesized that countries which endorse a shared responsibility in caring for and protecting children should have lower rates of infant mortality, child poverty and child fatality. Public childcare for ages 0-5 helps promote the socio-emotional development, physical development and safety of children and will be used in this study. By illuminating the correlation, or lack thereof, between public childcare expenditures and these pivotal social indicators, this study could provide valuable information for U.S. policy development in relation to childcare.

New Scholar: 2013 cohort

Graduating with a Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2014