Pantha Moni

Scholar: Pantha Moni

Pantha Moni

Major: Electrical Engineering

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Murat Yuksel

Research Topic: Visible Light Communication Through LEDs

Abstract: Wireless technology has been realized via Radio Frequency (RF) based technologies. Unfortunately, RF technology suffers from bandwidth limitations, interference and licensing problems. However, rapid development of new Internet technologies will require higher download speeds in the very near future, and RF will not be capable of handling these higher speeds. Therefore, the limitations of RF drive the need for new wireless technologies.  An alternative technology that is complementary to RF is Visible Light Communication (VLC). In this study, I am using VLC and designing a visible light transmitter. The transmitter is capable of illuminating a room and also providing wireless connectivity to users.

The goal of this research is to illustrate a proof-of-concept prototype of a transmitter that can be used both as an illumination and communication device. We are designing a transmitter that is capable of transmitting data using LEDs which is roughly equivalent to a 25 W light bulb. The LEDs will be connected to a LED driver circuit. The transmitter will receive a modulated signal from a single board computer (Raspberry Pi) which will process the data before being transmitted.  In the transmitter, each LED will consume about 1.75 watts of power at full duty cycle. However, due to digital signal transmission the power consumption will be cut in half during the transmission process.  Thus, the transmitter will provide light at a very low power and transmit data at the same time.

New Scholar: 2013 cohort

Graduating With Baccalaureate Degree: 2014