Nazrul Mojumder

Scholar: Nazrul Mojumder

Nazrul Mojumder

Major: Chemical Engineering

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Jason Shearer

Research Topic: Maquettes modeling of Nickel Superoxide Dimutase (NiSOD)

Abstract: The Senior Chemical Engineering design class was assigned with the challenge of modeling the purification process of  humanized anti-VEGFa monoclonal antibody fragments, specifically the protein Ranibizumab commercially produced by Genentech under the product name Lucentis. Lucentis is used for treatment of the age related wet form of macular degeneration in the eye, a common form of blindness. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A (VEGF-A) becomes immobilized by the Lucentis. It binds to VEGF and isoforms, changing the conformation of VEGF-A. In order for angiogenesis to occur VEGF-A must constantly bind to receptors on the surface of the blood vessels. Figure 1 shows the mechanism of VEGF-A binding to Lucentis MAB-F. Since it is a monoclonal antibody fragment (MAB-F) it must be purified differently than normal proteins. Affinity chromatography isn't used because it is very expensive. Instead the following order of operations (Figure 2) was the basis for our experimental work as well as theoretical scale up.

New Scholar: Fall 2008

Graduated With Baccalaureate Degree: May 2011