Nayesdi Badillo-Delgado

Scholar: Nayesdi Badillo-Delgado

Nayesdi Badillo-Delgado

Major: Criminal Justice and Spanish

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Margaret Ferrara

Research Topic: Parent Involvement Facilitators: Making Powerful Connections Through Communication

Abstract: Parents are an essential part in the academic success of a student. One of the main problems that has been encountered by Hispanic parents is the language barrier. With this barrier, Hispanic parents cannot communicate with teachers and faculty. Therefore, their involvement in their child's education is not strong enough. There are ways in which parents can learn English. They can learn through Rosetta Stone, but it is difficult for parents who do not have computers or do not know how to use a language program. There are also Community College courses. But for these courses, it is necessary to have at least 25 students in the class and there is also the cost of books for the course. Despite the challenges to learn English, some excellent Parent Involvement Facilitators (PIF) have had much success teaching English to Spanish-speaking parents.  The outcome of this study might be valuable to assess whether or not the depletion of the language barrier would increase parent involvement regarding their child's education.

New Scholar: 2012 cohort

Graduating With Baccalaureate Degree: 2013