Mikhail Serafico-Agcaoili

Scholar: Mikhail Serafico-Agcaoili

Mikhail Serafico

Major: Psychology and Philosophy

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Mark Alavosius

Research Topic: Finding the Greater Implications of Individual Behaviors on the Environment and Societies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Climate Change

Abstract: We live in a globalized world of interconnected beings.  In such a setting, the consequences of one's individual actions and behaviors are no longer limited to a few people.  The intricacy of modern human relations means that an individual's impact on others is no longer limited to traditional conceptions based on proximity. To discover and understand how one affects another, regardless of how near or far, is slowly becoming a responsibility that needs to be addressed and upheld. This obligation holds especially in cases of global, modern day issues like human related climate change and poverty perpetuated by greed.  There are several avenues a person can pursue to fulfill this duty. One option is to examine the products one consumes and retrace their origins. On one hand, there is consumption in order to live and prosper. On the other is the possibility of overconsumption. The consequences of the latter are magnified by the fact that products are not mere objects. They are both materials taken from the earth and the labors of another person. Here lies the connection between individual consumption, climate change, and social injustice. The conditions in which products are manufactured could mean both irreparable damage to the environment and the exploitation of another person's livelihood. Thus, the aim of this paper is to find examples of the interconnections between laborers, consumers, and the environment. From this first imperative of discovering responsibility comes the development of possible solutions.

New Scholar: 2011 cohort

Graduated With Baccalaureate Degree: 2012