Megan Tillman

Scholar: Megan Tillman

Megan Tillman

Major: Neuroscience

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Michael Webster

Research Topic: The Efficiency of Using Color to Improve Memorization

Abstract: The purpose of the proposed research is to examine how color affects a person's ability to memorize written information. Color is a key way people learn to react to their environment. It has been learned that certain colors, like red and yellow, increase arousal and arousal increases memory. Therefore, color should increase memory. Other studies demonstrated yellow is the color remembered most often, which supports the theory that arousing colors will increase memory. In this study, it will be observed if using color, like red, blue, yellow, and green, more effectively induces accurate memorization than using just black and white. Participants will be asked to memorize a list of words and statements, either written in color or in black and white. Then the participants will be tested with a series of questions to determine how well the words and statements were memorized. It is anticipated that words and statements written in color will cause more accurate memorization than those written in black and white. If significant, the results could be used to develop efficient study and teaching techniques, as well as add to the knowledge of human memory.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: December 2011

Doctoral Degree Update: Enrolled in PhD Program, University of California, Davis, Neuroscience