Mary Czerwinsky

Scholar:  Mary Czerwinsky

Mary Czerwinsky

Major: Education

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Margaret Ferrara

Research Topic: "Resiliency in Native Americans: A Case Study"

Abstract: Native Americans have the highest dropout rate of any ethnic or racial group in the United States, twice that of the national average. This is a case study on a Native American college students and a closer look at educational resiliency in the Native American community. The case told through the eyes of a Native American college student investigated the following question: 1. What made this student more resilient than his counter parts? 2. Is resiliency promoted in Native Americans the same way that it is promoted in all students? 3. What can instructors do to better support Native Americans on their educational path? The study will conclude with a comparison to data that are currently available on Native American resiliency and higher education.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Spring  2005

Earned Masters Degree: Spring 2012, University of Nevada, Reno, Literacy Studies