Marti Howell

Scholar: Marti Howell

Marti Howell

Major: Journalism

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Doncia Mensing

Research Topic: "Letters to the Editor: Serial Killers and Their Correspondence to Newspaper Editors and Staff"

Abstract:  As journalists are attracted to stories of serial murder, so are some serial killers compelled to communicate with the media. This study will examine cases of newspapers in receipt of materials from alleged serial murderers. Using a qualitative approach to individual case studies, this paper will include cases spanning four decades. This paper will provide background information on standard editorial policy and will note ethics theory pertaining to the receipt of materials sent to editors of American newspapers. This paper will look at publication decisions in each of the case studies and attempt to illustrate factors that dictate those decisions.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Fall 2004

Earned Masters Degree: Spring 2007, University of Nevada, Reno, Journalism

Earned Doctoral Degree: Summer 2012, Syracuse University, Journalism