Mariela Castro

Scholar: Mariela Castro

Mariela Castro

Major: Psychology

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Larry Williams

Research Topic:  The Relative Roles of Speed and Accuracy in the Fluent Performance of Simple and Conditional Discriminations in Persons Diagnosed With Intellectual Disabilities.

Abstract: From the area of Precision Teaching (PT), we know that accuracy in responding is necessary but not sufficient for establishing competency with activities of daily living (ADL). To achieve this, rate of correct responding must be established for basic tasks, which in turn becomes the foundation for competency with more complex tasks. PT methods however, are not widely applied in teaching persons with intellectual disabilities any number of basic skills such as ADL. The present research will track the learning of simple and conditional discriminations in order to determine if and when fluent responding occurs for such simple tasks, and what features (e.g., strengthening accuracy, speed or both) are necessary to achieve fluency in either simple discriminations or more complex conditional discriminations. Computer touch screen methodology will be used to teach basic discriminations and conditional discriminations and allow for the measurement of both accuracy and rate of responding during early acquisition and later fluent responding.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: 2014

Master's Degree Update: Enrolled in master's program at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Behavioral Analysis and Therapy