Jorge Perez-Aguilar

Scholar: Jorge Perez-Aguilar

Jorge Perez-Aguilar 

 Major: Chemical Engineering

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Devocharan Chidambaram

Research Topic: Tonsil Strength Under Forced Corrosion

Abstract: The goal of this work is to provide insight into the effects of corrosion on the mechanical properties of the austenitic alloy, Alloy 22. This engineering alloy is resistant to localized corrosion, but is still susceptible to environmental degradation. [1] This work investigated the effects of corrosion under both ambient temperature and 80°C on the mechanical characteristics of Alloy 22. Tensile specimens were subjected to potentiodynamic accelerated corrosion experiments in a corrosive environment of 0.05M NaCl while the samples underwent slow strain rate of 1.5 10-4 s-1 to determine the alteration to its mechanical characteristics that occurred as a result of the accelerated corrosion. The oxide surface films formed during the experiments were characterized by Raman Spectroscopy.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: spring 2015

Doctoral Program Update: Enrolled in PhD Program, University of California, Davis