Jeannette Martinez

Scholar: Jeannette Martinez

 Jeannette Martinez

Major: Art History

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Brett VanHoesen

Research Topic: Mechanisms of Propaganda in Contemporary Street Art

Abstract: From the slums of Brazil to the skyscrapers of Manhattan, one will find art in the streets. In this research street art will be viewed through the following perspective: art that is created in the streets. This simple definition allows the research to answer the social question of why art is created in the streets and how creating art in public spaces, is a form of propaganda. The research will elaborate how artwork hosted in a public domain has the power to engage and influence an audience to think differently. Street art and propaganda are seemingly extraneous, but their unconventional relationship will be thoroughly discussed through analysis of style, artist, and social influence and present how pertinent these two topics actually are to one another. Street art has been historicized as an artistic movement that expands many subcategories, but the scholarship of propaganda's role within the street art movement and its varying styles has yet to be fully developed. Interviews with street artists and museum curators in two cities: Reno, Nevada and Los Angeles, California will exemplify the function propaganda has within the spectrum of street art and how its role is directly related to regional culture and adds validity to the observation that mechanisms of propaganda are present in contemporary street art. The connection between how propaganda is used in street art further enforces the idea that street art is able to promote messages that become influential through the artwork itself and can lead to public action within a society.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: spring 2015

Doctoral Program Update: Enrolled in PhD program, Art History, The Ohio State University