Henry Aquilar

Scholar: Henry Aguilar

Henry Aguilar

Major: History / Honors Program

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Raymond

Research Topic: "Silas W. Mitchell's rest cure: Malpractice or Physician Obliviousness, Yellow Wallpaper Poisoning "

Abstract: In 1887, Charlotte Perkins Gilman underwent treatment for neurasthenia (nervous exhaustion) by a prominent medical physician, Silas Weir Mitchell. According to personal sources Gilman did not benefit from treatment; her nervous symptoms continued. This incident sparked Gilman to write "The Yellow Wallpaper," which has become a glorified piece of historic, fictional literature based on non-fictional events. This study examines the physical symptoms Charlotte Gilman states in "The Yellow Wallpaper" by contemporary nutrition/medical theory. Silas Weir Mitchell's medical text: "Fat and Blood: an Essay on the Treatment of Certain Forms of Neurasthenia and Hysteria" is also respectively examined.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2009