Gretchen Hill

Scholar: Gretchen Hill

Gretchen Hill

Major: Geography

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Starrs; Dr. Sandra Ott

Research Topic: "Basques' Attachment to Place in Nevada and the Basque Country"

Abstract: Research in the French Basque country reveals that rural people have a strong sense of attachment to place which figures prominently in the process of self-identification (Ott 2008). I propose to explore "attachment to place" within the context of rural Basque Americans in Nevada and wish to find out whether rural Basques who have a strong sense of ethnic pride and an interest in their Basque heritage have a sense of attachment to place that includes both Nevadan and Old World spaces.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2009

Earned Masters Degree: spring 2012, Geography, University of Oregon