Eric Shoemaker

Scholar: Eric Shoemaker

Eric Shoemaker

Major: History

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kevin Stevens

Research Topic: "The Causes Of The Second Punic War: Was Hannibal Responsible?"

Abstract: The Second Punic War begins in 219 B.C. with Hannibal's attack on Saguntum and ends with Hannibal's defeat at Zama against Scipio in 202 B.C. The Roman historians are unanimous in their belief that Hannibal was ultimately responsible. Although they cite various reasons for this, there are few other causes examined by these Roman historians.  By examining the research methods and accounts of Polybius and Livy, and some Greek historians, this paper seeks to partially absolve Hannibal's responsibility.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2008