Dania Jordan

Scholar: Dania Jordan

 Dania Jordan

 Major: Anthropology

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Sarah Cowie

Research Topic: Collaborative Archaeology

Abstract: This research explores the nuances of collaborative archaeology by examining the historical relationship archaeologists have with descendant communities and how their involvement with communities and how that is transforming anthropology through the development of Indigenous archaeology, African American archaeology, and other community-based archaeologies. Historically, anthropologists appointed themselves as stewards over indigenous peoples' heritage and imposed their perspective of indigenous people. This led to the misinterpretation and the misrepresentation of Native Americans in the mainstream society. As a result, laws and policies began to be passed which increased the involvement of descendant communities in archaeological practices and archaeologists have begun to work more closely with contemporary societies. These community-based archaeologies incorporates the interest, beliefs, and values of descendant communities and also transforms how archaeology is performed. 

Earned a Baccalaureate Degree: spring 2015

Master's Degree Update: Enrolled at University of Massachusetts, Boston for a master's degree in Anthropology