Courtney Smith

Scholar: Courtney Smith

Courtney Smith

Major: Psychology

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Mark Alavosius

Research Topic: An Assessment of Precision Teaching Using Aimsweb

Abstract: This research study is a program evaluation of Fit Learning.  Fit Learning uses Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction in order to increase students' reading, mathematics and relational skills.  The subject that will be focused on in this study is reading.  The two specific measures of reading are reading comprehension and oral reading skills.  Crucial to the evaluation is the introduction of a program called AIMSweb into Fit Learning.  AIMSweb will be used to track the progress of the students, give a visual representation of progress to the clients, and compare the progress of Fit Learning to district standards. The progress monitoring aspect of AIMSweb will measure program performance in order to establish, and strengthen,  concurrent validity for Fit Learning's existing measures of student progress.   The program evaluation will include aspects such as client satisfaction, standardization of measurement techniques, and overall effectiveness of the program.

Earned  a Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2014