Ching-Chu Huang

Scholar: Ching-Chu Huang

Ching-Chu Huang

Major: Business

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Judy Strauss

Research Topic: "The Beliefs, Practices, and Perceived Solutions Concerning Academic Dishonesty Among Business Students at a Middle Sized University"

Abstract: While academic dishonesty is a widespread problem, past research has indicated that the problem is more severe in business schools and may cause an adverse impact on the future of business. This study will focus on a comprehensive study of academic dishonesty among business students concentrating on their beliefs, reasons, practices, and perceived solutions. To obtain special insights on issues concerning academic dishonesty among business students, ten in-depth interviews were conducted, and a questionnaire drawn from the interviews and the literature was administrated to 223 students in 11 undergraduate business classes at a middle sized university. Results were analyzed by using SPSS application to show business students' views toward academic misconduct along with their rating, their level of practice in such misconduct, and their reason for it. In addition to quantitative questions, the survey include three qualitative questions asking what instructors, administrators, and students can do to minimize academic dishonesty.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2005

Earned Master's Degree: Spring 2007, Business Administration, University of Nevada, Reno

Earned Master's Degree: Spring 2008, Science of Finance, University of Nevada, Reno