Chariell Smith

Scholar: Chariell Smith

Chariell Smith

Major: Health Ecology; Minor; Music

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Louis Niebur

Research Topic: "Introduction: Hip Hop-The Indestructible Industry"

Abstract: Over 30 years, Hip Hop has shown itself to be an industry dominated by masculinity. However, artists like Queen Latifah, Tonya Winley, Sista Soljah, and MC Lyte were female exceptions to the rule who managed to gain success in Hip Hop during its earlier years. This project will explore the careers of several female Hip Hop artists and analyze how they were able to achieve success in a male dominant industry. It will also look at the apparent theme of female empowerment expressed by Hip Hop's early female artists and how it has evolved into a message of present day exploitation.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree:  Spring  2007