Chandler Allen

Scholar: Chandler Allen

Chandler Allen

Major: Medicine

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Perrino

Research Topic: "Determination of the G-protein Couples Pathway Involved in PGEZ Medicated Relaxation of Murine Proximal Colon Circular Smooth Muscle"

Abstract: Prostaglandin, PGE2, relaxes circular smooth muscle cells of the colon. The relaxation of vascular smooth muscle by PGE2 has been shown to be mediated by a G-protein, Gsa, and adenylate cyclase activation. This relaxation mediated by PGE2 has not yet been shown directly to be mediated by adenylate cyclase activation. The main question to be addressed is to determine whether PGE2 relaxes colonic smooth muscles by activating adenylate cyclase.

The adenylate cyclase inhibitor SQ22536 will be used to determine whether adenylate cyclase activation is involved in PGE2 mediated relaxation of proximal colon circular smooth muscle contractile activity. CD-1 and CF-1 adult mice will be euthanized according to University of Nevada, Reno protocol, and proximal colon tissue will be surgically removed.

After the mucosa and sub mucosa layers are removed, the tissue will be rolled to isolate the circular smooth muscle contractions. The tissues will be hung in a Krebs solution on a Fort 10 isometric strain gauge. The tissues will equilibrate and then be exposed to various solutions. The tissue contractions will be recorded and analyzed throughout the various cycles.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree:  Fall 2006