Bryan Rainwater

Scholar: Bryan Rainwater

Bryan Rainwater

Major: Physics, Atmospheric Science, and Applied Mathematics

Faculty Mentors: Dr. W. Patrick Arnott

Research Topic: Remote Sensing of Climate Aerosol Impacts Using an Automated Spectrophotometer

Abstract: Aerosols in the atmosphere are poorly understood in terms of how they affect weather and drive climate change. To advance this knowledge, we are utilizing an automated solar tracking spectrophotometer to measure direct solar radiation in a wide spectral range. From this, we obtain the solar radiance, precipitable water, atmospheric turbidity, and aerosol optical depth (AOD). This data is used to analyze the climatological effects of aerosols and to quantify local radiative forcing.  This instrument and data will provide a basis for research into spectral information that will advance current atmospheric understanding for the impact of aerosols upon our climate.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2014

Doctoral Degree Update: Enrolled at University of Colorado, Boulder for a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science