Beau Hixon

Scholar: Beau Hixon

Beau Hixon

Major: Economics

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Mark Pingle

Research Topic: Herd Behavior and the Efficient Market Hypothesis: An Analysis of the NFL Wagering Market

Abstract: Price stickiness is the idea that prices for goods do not fluctuate often enough to create the optimal price level for those specific goods in the economy.  In this paper, we examine the technological advancement that has taken place in the United States over the past few decades and how it has created the ability for more frequent price adjustments.  Using data provided by the U.S. government, we will statistically show that prices in the economy have begun to adjust faster in recent years, where technology is prevalent in the U.S. economy, compared to historical periods where technology was not as widely available.      

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2012

Earned Master's Degree: Fall 2013, University of Oregon, Economics