Audrey Campbell

Scholar: Audrey Campbell

Audrey Campbell

Major: Psychology

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Alan Fruzzetti

Research Topic: How Individuals Cope With Dissatisfying Relationships

Abstract: It is usually in college where most individuals find that special someone that they want to get into a relationship with, and maybe spend the rest of their life with. With that there will come disagreements from time to time, and everyone copes with their emotions differently. It is in college where you are also faced with constant pressure to consume alcohol and abuse legal and illegal drugs. This experiment will help our understanding of how those in relationships cope, and if they are relying on alcohol and other drugs to help cope with their problems. The experiment will consist of interviewing couples at the University of Nevada Reno, that are early in their relationship, and asking if there is any dissatisfaction or recent arguments that they have gotten into. They will be interviewed again approximately a week later, asked how they have managed to cope, and if they relied on alcohol or other drugs to help cope.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: 2013

Master's Degree Update: Enrolled at University of the Pacific for Psychology, fall 2014