Armin Garcia

Scholar: Armin Garcia

Armin Garcia

Major: Human Development and Family Studies

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Hyun-Joo Jeon

Research Topic: Father-Child Interactions and Peer Play

Abstract: Numerous studies provide insight on mother-child interactions and their relationship to child development, but not many studies examine the father-child interactions and the relationship to the child's development. The father's involvement in the parenting role is being examined, as well as the father-child interactions relationship to the influence on a child's learning and development. A study on fathers by Ryan, Martin, and Brooks-Gunn shows that the father's parenting behavior independently influences the child from the mother's parenting behavior (2011). Since father interactions have their own influence on child development, it is necessary to investigate the father-child interactions and their relationship to, or influence on, child development.

In this extension of Dr. Hyun-Joo Jeon's Early Relationship Network Study, the interactions between the parents and the child in both the dyad and triad setting and the child's classroom behavior will be recorded and rated. Families will be asked to come in for a scheduled visit at the laboratory and will be asked to play with their child as they would at home using the toys provided. From the recordings, we will code the parent's behavior during the observations using the Early Head Start Research Evaluation Project's Interaction Rating Scale. Behaviors rated include parental sensitivity, detachment, negative regard, and positive regard. Afterwards, the child will be recorded in the classroom setting so that the child's peer play behaviors can also be coded for social play behaviors and general behaviors among their peers.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Spring 2014