Adriana Marin-Herrera

Scholar: Adriana Marin-Herrera

Adriana Marin-Herrera

Major: Biology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Peter Brussard

Research Topic: "Diurnal Butterfly Inventory at Monte Alto Natural Reserve, Costa Rica"

Abstract: This research study involves traveling to Monte Alto Natural Reserve in Costa Rica to do an inventory of diurnal butterflies within a period of 16 days. This reserve did an inventory during the dry season of 2002 and found 91 species of butterflies. The objective of this research study was to see how many of those species were still there and if any new species would be found. Butterflies were captured using a net and/or by taking digital pictures. Thirty-nine species were found, including twenty-one new species that had not been previously recorded. This study will help the Monte Alto Natural Reserve shape its future conservation plans.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree:  Fall 2005

Earned Master's Degree: Fall 2009, Secondary Education / Spanish, University of Nevada, Reno