Aaron Modica

Scholar: Aaron Modica

Aaron Modica

Major: Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Johnson W. Makoba

Research Topic: "Deindustrialization and the Outsourcing of American Jobs"

Abstract: While U.S. blue-collar manufacturing jobs continue to be sent overseas, the outsourcing of white-collar jobs has begun to draw concerns from professionals and politicians alike. This paper argues that the recent outsourcing trend of U.S. service sector jobs in fields such as telecommunications and data processing, while qualitatively different from deindustrialization and the export of manufacturing jobs, is fundamentally similar in that it is a consequence of the search for cheaper labor and a more favorable investment climate overseas. This paper provides a brief discussion of the different approaches to understanding and explaining outsourcing and its relation to deindustrialization, a historical background of deindustrialization and the export of jobs, a discussion of current outsourcing of service jobs, and finally looks at the role of the state in protecting outsourcing practices by large U.S. Transnational Corporations.

Earned Baccalaureate Degree: Summer  2004

Earned Master's Degree: Spring 2007, Sociology, University of Nevada, Reno

Earned Master's Degree: Spring 2011, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Washington, Seattle

Doctoral Program Update: Accepted into the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Ph.D. program at University of Washington, Seattle