Trisden Shaw

Scholar: Trisden Shaw

 Trisden Shaw

Major: Political Science

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Jennifer Ring

Research Topic: Voices from the Wasteland: Student Experience of Race at the University of Nevada

Abstract: Throughout this nation's history race has long been the elephant in the room, and this is consistent with the climate at the University of Nevada.  The University of Nevada is a rapidly growing predominately white institution that has experienced a steady increase in the enrollment of racially underrepresented groups over the past 10 years (CSCD, 2016). There is a visible increase in diversity but questions still remain whether or not underrepresented students feel comfortable and included. This research applies Critical Race Theory (CRT) to analyze, explore, and understand how racism has shaped students' understanding of race and how race contributes to the student experience at a predominantly white institution such as University of Nevada.  This qualitative research utilizes in-depth oral semi-formal interviews conducted by two person interview teams to record responses of fifteen students on campus from various (race, gender, class, sexuality, age, major, etc.) backgrounds. Interview questions fell into three categories: background, experiences/ awareness of racism and discrimination, and potential solutions. The method of interviews was chosen with the purpose of counter-storytelling, a method that actively allows students of color to challenge the dominant discourse on campus regarding race, racism, and diversity. The interviews will be transcribed and pre-coded using concepts such as racism, microaggressions, marginalization, and community. Pre-codes and the emergent codes will be used to analyze and reveal common themes in our data. 

New Scholar: 2017 cohort