Kegan Rahe

Scholar: Kegan Rahe

 Kegan Rahe
Major: Chemistry & Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Laina Geary

Research Topic: Reaction of Ketone Donors and Aldehyde acceptors via the hydrogen Borrowing Method with Secondary Amine and Ruthenium Catalysts to Yield More Diversely Functionalized Aldol Products

Abstract: The aldol reaction is an effective and efficient method of producing carbon-carbon bonds used widely in almost every field of chemical production. The aldol is, however, restricted by the difficulty to control stereochemical results as well as the lack of unique functionalization that can be attained. In recent years, several groups have been working towards solving both of these shortcomings. The use of chiral secondary amine organocatalysts has been shown to promote electronically unfavorable nucleophilic additions as well as induce asymmetry into the product. Alternatively, studies have shown effective functionalization by metal catalysts via the hydrogen borrowing method in non-conventional aldol products. A major goal of this research is directed at using these two methods used in conjunction to demonstrate the ability for ketones and aldehydes to undergo the aldol reaction and thereby increase the breath of functionalization that can be attained from an aldol reaction.

New Scholar: 2016 cohort

Graduating with a Baccalaureate Degree: 2017