Jana Burd

Scholar: Jana Burd

 Jana Burd

 Major: Spanish & CHS / Kinesiology

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Eleni Oikonomidoy & Dr. Lynda Wiest

Research Topic: Assisting Student Staff in Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions in Residential Life 

Abstract: With the growing requirement of diversity trainings for professional, part-time, temporary and long-term workers, the need to evaluate the effectiveness of these trainings has also increased. Some are annual, biannual, or one-time trainings, but all are opportunities to properly educate workers that can easily go missed. Student staff members that work in the residence halls interact with other students on a daily basis. This constant interaction along with the position of power they have as paraprofessionals puts them in situations where they are consistently being watched and viewed as a role model for other students. Specific topics in diversity trainings like microaggressions are taught and explained to student staff so that they can ensure that other students feel safe and comfortable while living on campus. This, however, can be challenging if the staff is not provided with tools on how to address the use of  microaggressions, which they are trying to discourage. The purpose of this study is to assist residential life student staff members at the University of Nevada, Reno in recognizing and responding to microaggressions by conducting and evaluating a training on the topic. The group being tested is a combination of returning staff members and new student staff, some who have never had a training on diversity before. This will allow feedback from those with different backgrounds, along with those who have different experiences and amounts of diversity training, to see what works in the trainings and what should not be repeated, specifically relating to the topic of microaggressions. My hypothesis is that student staff will feel more comfortable and prepared responding to situations regarding microaggressions in residential life.

New Scholar: 2017 cohort

Graduating with a Baccalaureate Degree: 2018