Association for women in mathematics

The purpose of UNR AWM Student Chapter is to encourage women and underrepresented gender minorities to study and to have active careers in professional mathematics and the mathematical sciences, and to promote equal opportunity and the equal treatment of women in the mathematical sciences. UNR AWM is organized and will be operated for educational and professional purposes to promote the following:

  •  an increased knowledge of and greater interest in the mathematical sciences, including pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and their applications;
  • a greater understanding of the contributions of women in the mathematical sciences; and
  •  mentoring and encouraging women and girls as they prepare for careers in the mathematical sciences.

As a chapter we are committed to:

  • becoming a community with an awareness of the unique obstacles of women and underrepresented gender minorities;
  • promoting gender equity in the mathematical community; 
  • holding regular meetings and events open to all undergraduate and graduate students;
  • connecting with other on-campus organizations empowering women in STEM

The AWM Student Chapter is open to everyone. In particular, we emphasize that we are open to all gender identities, and to faculty, researchers, and non-math majors, as well as to undergraduate and graduate math students.

An updated schedule can be found on our website, along with further information and resources. Visit the UNR AWM website.

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