Academic Advising & Placement

All Mathematics & Statistics majors and minors should consult a faculty advisor on issues such as course selection.  When scheduling an appointment with your advisor, please provide days/times that you are available to meet to expedite the process. For placement information, please contact a Core Math Advisor.

Undergraduate Advisors for Mathematics & Statistics Majors/Minors

All new students (including freshmen, transfer students, and newly declared majors), continuing freshmen, sophomores meet with an Academic Advisor in the College of Science. Students in these categories should refer to the College of Science advising website for more information.

College of Science advising

Juniors and seniors with a declared major or minor in Mathematics or Statistics meet with a Faculty Advisor in the department, based on the declared degree option.

Applied Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics/Operations Research

  • Tom Quint
    Office: DMSC 325
    Phone: (775) 784-1366

General/Pure Mathematics

  • Tynan Kelly
    Office: DMSC 302A
    Phone: (775) 682-7126
  • Alex Kumjian
    Office: DMSC 317
    Phone: (775) 784-4615

Core Math Advisors

Please schedule a meeting with one of our Core Advisors by email for matters related to UNR's Silver Core general education requirements. Please include your full name, NSHE #, and the course number(s) for any classes you are trying to get into. For more information about Core requirements, see the Core Curriculum page on Academic Central and the current catalog

MATH 120-128

MATH 122/123

  • Diana Moss
    Office: DMSC 235 
    Phone: (775) 682-6173 

MATH 176-182

  • Charlie Nazemian
    Office: DMSC 232
    Phone: (775) 682-6176

Graduate directors


  • Chris Herald
    Office: DMSC 324 
    Phone: (775) 784-4647 

Statistics & Data Science

  • Ilya Zaliapin
    Office: DMSC 221 
    Phone: (775) 784-6077