Spring 2016

Colloquium Schedule
28-Jan Marek Arendarczyk,
University of Wroclaw, Poland
Extremes of Gaussian Processes AB 635 Ania Panorska
16-Feb Dr. Alistair Windsor ,
The University of Memphis, TN
Some Advances in Livšic Theory MS 321 Dr. Javier Rojo
18-Feb Dr. Konstantin Zuev,
California Institute of Technology
Hyperbolic Geometry of Complex Network Data AB 635 Dr. Ilya Zaliapin
2-Mar Dr. Ran Tao
University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill
Design and Analysis of Two-Phase Studies, with Applications to Genetic Association Studies FA 253 Dr. Ilya Zaliapin
3-Mar Dr. Ramon Durazo-Arvizu
Loyola University, Chicago
Statistical Issues in Studying Vitamin D Biology AB 635 Dr. Javier Rojo
14-Mar Dr. Chuan Hong
University of Texas
Detecting and correcting publication bias in multivariate meta-analysis FA 253 Dr. Ilya Zaliapin
16-Mar Dr. Tao Lu
State University of New York
High-Dimensional Nonparametric ODE Models for Dynamic Gene Regulation Networks FA 253 Dr. Javier Rojo
17-Mar Dr. Viktoria Savatorova
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Homogenization of PDEs arising from modelling of the gas transport in organic-rich shales. AB 635 Dr. Telyakovskiy
18-Mar Dr. Dan Cheng
North Carolina State University
(CANCELLED) Multiple Testing of Local Maxima for Detection of Peaks in Random Fields DMSC 102 Dr. Javier Rojo
5-Apr Baha-Eldin Khaledi,
Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran & Portland State University
Allocations of policy limits and policy deductible for exchangeable risks MS 321 Dr. Javier Rojo
12-Apr Christian Lucero,
Indiana University Bloomington
The Role of Optimal Experimental Design In the Solution of Inverse Problems MS 321 Dr. Javier Rojo
14-Apr Ciprian S. Pop,
Casino Math DMSC 105 Dr. Javier Rojo
26-Apr Chris Rogers,
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
From Hamiltonian Mechanics to Homotopy Lie Theory MS 321 Dr. Javier Rojo
28-Apr Tuan Nguyen,
Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical in Indianapolis
Evaluation of Treatment Effect Heterogeneity - a Late Phase Biomarker Perspective AB 635 Dr. Javier Rojo