Review Sessions

The Math Center also offers Review Sessions for exams in courses from Math095 to Math330.  Typically these sessions are 90 minutes and are held the day before and the day of the exam.  Tutors leading the session go over review material provided by instructors.  Students are expected to have gone over the material ahead of time and come in with questions. 

Students are can find Review Sessions times one of the following ways:

  • The Math Center's Google Calendar has the times of the weekly Review Sessions.
  • Emails are sent to students via class rosters in MyNevada.  These notices are sent typically 1-2 days before the Sessions.
  • The Math Center's Facebook page is updated weekly with Review Session times.The monitor in the Math Center has the weekly Review Session schedule.
  • Instructors are asked to make announcements in class.

Don't see a Review Session for your exam? 

Most likely we don't have your class syllabus.  Email it to us with with the subject line "Class Syllabus" and we will do our best to schedule a review session as soon as possible.